Meet Silexica at Xilinx Developer Forum 2019

Silexica is a Diamond Sponsor at the 2019 Xilinx Developer Forums (XDF) this autumn and winter in San Jose, Beijing, and The Hague. At this year’s XDF, we will demonstrate how SLX FPGA helps Xilinx Vivado® High-Level Synthesis users prepare and optimize their code prior to High Level Synthesis by performing:

  • ✓ Guided and Automatic refactoring of non-synthesizable C/C++ code
  • ✓ Parallelism detection and optimization
  • ✓ Automatic insertion of optimizing HLS pragmas

Come by Silexica’s booth and see a live demonstration of how we can help you achieve performance improvements of up to 300x on your C/C++ algorithms!
San Jose - October 1-2, 2019 
The Hague - November 12-13, 2019  
Beijing - December 3-4, 2019
For more information about the product, visit our product page here   or meet us at the forum to find out how SLX FPGA can help you with your FPGA migration process.

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